Tips to keep your dog safe this Summer.

Tips to kep your dog safe this Summer

Long hot Summers are all too familiar in Australia. For your dog’s health and wellbeing it is important you take measures to protect your dog and keep them safe. Follow these tips to keep your dog safe this Summer.

All pet owners should check their home environment to ensure that your dog has access to adequate shade and plenty of fresh water. Multiple water bowls are a good idea in case your dog accidentally tips one over. Another option is automatic filling bowls attached to your water mains. Don’t forget the sun moves throughout the day which means the shade will move too!

Clam shell pools are great to provide your dog a place to take a cooling dip. If you have a backyard pool it is not advisable to give your dog unsupervised access to it – do play it safe around water ! Speaking of swimming, it is a great way to cool off but on really hot days strenuous exercise does cause the dogs body temperature to rise. Factor in plenty of lazing around the pool time during your dogs swim session.

Consider carefully the outside temperature before walking your dog. Footpaths can become hot enough to cook an egg on hot days! We certainly need to protect our dog’s paws from burns and blisters. Before you walk your dog feel the ground surface with your own hand. If it too warm for your hand it is too warm for your dog’s feet. Early morning walks are better than evening walks as the ground heat has had a chance to dissipate overnight. Whereas a pavement which has been baking all day in the hot sun will hold that heat into the evening even though the sun has gone down. If it so hot do you really need to walk your dog today? Perhaps consider indoor enrichment games instead. I know I prefer the airconditioned indoors on hot days, my dogs do too.

As much as it is lovely to take our dogs everywhere with us, sometimes staying home is a better option on hot days. If it is a hot day and you are going somewhere in the car and you think your dog may have to spend time in the car, it is best to not take them. Parked cars get hot very quickly and there is the very real and very dangerous risk of your dog overheating if left in the car. Play it safe and leave your dog at home.

The other summer danger is of course snakes! There are many classes that run these days to teach your dog snake avoidance. It is a good idea to avoid walking in long grass and heavy growth bushlands. Try and stick to places with wide pathways so you can have good visibility to keep an eye out for snakes. Keep your dog on a leash if you are walking in bushland and be vigilant! Know where the nearest vet is and whether they have anti-venom on hand.

Summer is fun but do keep your dog safe and follow these tips to keep your dog safe this Summer.

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