The Clover Drill – lower body engagement for agility.

Dog pas and 4 leaf clover

I can remember the first time I watched a video of Stacy Westfall. It showed her winning the All American Quarter Horse Congress Freestyle Reining competition. She was riding her black mare, Whizards Baby Doll, riding both bridleless and bareback. The communication and teamwork between Stacy and her horse were amazing. I watch the video…

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Tips to keep your dog safe this Summer.

Tips to kep your dog safe this Summer

Long hot Summers are all too familiar in Australia. For your dog’s health and wellbeing it is important you take measures to protect your dog and keep them safe. Follow these tips to keep your dog safe this Summer. All pet owners should check their home environment to ensure that your dog has access to…

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Puppy Massage – why you should start them young.

Puppy Massage

As a massage therapist, I sometimes get asked at what age a puppy should have their first massage. The short answer is to start them as soon as you can. Handling your puppy is an important part of puppy training. There is a lot of reference material available on the importance of handling your puppy…

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