Paws to Consider Distance Handling Seminar Survey

Distance Seminar - Pre seminar survey

I am committed to giving you the best seminar experience possible. To do so I need to know a little bit about you and your dog, your current skill sets and the distance dreams you have. Don't be shy!

Tell me the name(s) of all the dogs you will be bringing to the seminar and what level they currently compete in for Chances. eg Dibs-Novice. Please remember that you can only work one of your dogs per exercise but you may swap dogs from one exercise to the next.
I really want to know what your distance aspirations are so I can hopefully set you on the path to that dream.
Please share with me what you think is the agility superpower you and your dog have.
Please share with me what you think you and your dog need work on most.
Tell me why you signed up for this seminar(Required)
People sign up for seminars for a vast variety of reasons and as the seminar presenter it helps to know the audience. Please check as many of the statements that apply to you and your reasons.