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Episode 1: Introduction to Paws to Consider Agility Training

In this episode I talk about my philosophies in relation to Dog Agility training and why I have decided to create podcasts for my current agility students and future students.

Episode 2: Path Focussed Handling

In this episode I talk about 3 different styles of handling in dog agility.  The 3 styles are obstacle focussed, handler focussed and path focussed.  My chosen style is path focussed.

Episode 3: Let's talk about motivators

In this episode I talk about motivators and why I choose food as my motivator.

Episode 4: Training exercise - 6 hoops and 3 barrels

This episode has video content showing a fun training exercise with full narration and course map included.

Episode 5: Help I have a slow agility dog

In this episode I talk about the slow agility dog and changing the dogs mental state to create confidence and speed.

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Shirlene and her Koolie "Smudge" were Elite level Challenge Champions at the 2013 Australian NADAC Nationals. Click here to view a video of an Elite Weavers run at the event. Smudge was also Australian NADAC Dog of the Year in 2014



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